Hi Lucy,

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

I had a dream that I was having a job interview and my partner had applied for the same post…

Hi Laura,

Dreaming about a job interview can be a reminder of the potential you have and are perhaps not reaching. If you were unsuccessful in the interview it could mean that you feel that things are spiralling out of control at work and your time for change has come.

Or you may be going through a tough time at home and it's praying on your mind.

Freud claimed that if you are being tested in a dream, like in an interview situation- it's because you lack faith in your own ability. Maybe you don't know your own talents and strength.

It is argued that an interview in a dream can make you question your deepest reasons for doing what you do and who you are. This means you are clear in telling others what you need from them because you know what you need first and foremost.

If you dreamt about being in competition with your partner over the vacancy, then this could be due to a need to grow and expand and learn the value of persevering to get what you want.

Source: www.auntyflo.com

The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dream by Ian Wallace